South Australia


Woomera is a town where history was made and still is today and what better reason could a history buff like me need to visit this remarkable town in the South Australian Outback. The Woomera Prohibited Area is the largest land-based missile and rocket range in the western world. Until 1982 all of Woomera was […]


Orroroo is one of those sleepy little country towns on the way to somewhere else; just the kind of place we like to stay. The Orroroo Caravan Park ([star][star][star][star_half]) had had a recent upgrade and we were pleasantly surprised by what we found there. Orroroo is perched on Goyders Line, a line drawn up by […]


The Oodnadatta Track is an Aussie icon. A stretch of dirt road that runs from Marree in the south to Marla in the north, a distance of approximately 640 kilometres (almost 400 miles), it is a journey back to the days of early European exploration. Anyone who wants to travel the Outback will, inevitably, travel […]

Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges stretches for over 430 kilometres (270 miles), is the largest mountain range in South Australia and we couldn’t wait to explore this magnificent piece of the outback. There are very few sealed roads in the South Australian Outback and as we approached Marree at the northern end of the Flinders Ranges we […]


The South Australian outback town of Andamooka is famous for its opals and during a brief visit to the area in 2005 we decided to explore this interesting place. Originally known as Arndoo-moka, two words from the local Kuyani Aboriginal language meaning “loaded bone” (yes, I’m a little bewildered by that one, too!), the town […]