The New Normal Traveller

In a time of uncertainty, as the widespread Covid-19 pandemic is still in full swing in many countries, the travelling industry has taken a severe toll. A lot of tourist spots all over the world suffered losses due to travel restrictions. Though travel has been affected by the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that we can no longer enjoy what the world has to offer. Same as during the age of exploration and migration, we must adapt to the set of difficulties that hamper our desire to explore. 

Travel is not dead, but it has changed dramatically. The melting pot drama inside airports is now somewhat subdued. The multitude of shops, canteens, restaurants and businesses reduced to a handful and the volume of holiday goers went down. Yet, as travellers, we just need to adapt to the new normal and navigate the world in a whole new way. 

Understand travel restrictions

Each country has its list of travel restrictions and protocols that travellers must follow. The first step of the New Normal Traveller is to equip yourself with information. Australia has its list of mandatory regulations travellers must follow to experience and enjoy its myriad tourist spots and sceneries during the pandemic. To read the current travel guide in Australia during Covid-19, visit this site.

Understand hygiene protocols

Avoiding Covid-19 infection is possible through observing proper hygiene protocols. There are many kinds of health and hygiene protocols enforced in different tourist locations in Australia.

Face masks are a universal requirement in many countries, and having a good supply on your trip is necessary. Alcohol and other disinfectants are also important, as well as maintaining caution while in public. 

There are also different event restrictions imposed in Australia. You can check this website for more information about what to expect in different areas of the country.  

Look for Covid-19 Safe Establishments

Though not as drastic as the image pictured above, before you book your ticket and plan a new normal holiday, you should invest time in researching establishments that adhere to the safety guidelines enumerated by the CDC, Centre for Disease Control and the WHO or World Health Organization. Look for hotels or resorts with highly ventilated rooms with access to open-air. You want a hotel or motel with exterior room access, limiting the time spent in closed and cramped hallways and elevators. 

Check the risk levels of your target destination.

It is crucial to check whether your destination is a high-risk location for Covid-19 infection. There are public advisories and updates available online to determine whether it is safe to travel to a specific location or not. Also, be ready for different levels of health protocols in each area. Local authorities determine the health safety protocols in their respective areas depending on the severity of infection rates. In the end, it is best to visit low-risk areas for your holiday, then take risks. 

Consider the modes of travel you’ll use

Driving your car is currently accepted by many authorities on Covid-19 as the safest way of travel. Taking public transportation carries a higher risk of getting infected, especially in places with high Covid-19 rates. A closed private vehicle is your best mode of transportation as it can also serve as a portable resting place, which you can park practically anywhere. In Australia, a sturdy four-wheel vehicle is your best friend when enjoying the various tourist locations in this time of the pandemic. 

f you have no choice but to travel on public transportation, make sure to bring along enough PPEs and disinfectants to help you protect yourself from possible infections. PPEs include face masks, gloves and other protective covering which you can wear to shield you from the disease. However, some people are unable to wear masks due to medical conditions. In this case, you should carry a medical certificate stating why you cannot wear a mask.

However, you should maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene inside the vehicle. You should disinfect the car as often as you can during the length of your trip. You must also wipe with disinfectant all touch areas of the car: the handles, wheel, windows, and the likes. 

Choose your holiday activities wisely.

Though vaccinations are underway in many countries, and the CDC assures people that Covid-19 vaccines can help reduce the risk of getting infected and result in immunisation, you should still choose your holiday activities wisely. It is advisable to avoid crowded areas, contact sports, indoor parties, and the likes. Though there are different event protocols in Australia, it is best to take the precautionary route and be safe. Covid-19 is a highly contagious disease, which makes crowds the perfect place for infections. 

Take safety precautions in airports

If you have no choice but to take flight, you must realise that you’ll be exposed to people from every place. Also, there will be a lot of contacts, which can be dangerous. However, the CDC reported that viruses generally don’t spread easily inside planes, especially where filters are set in place. The circulation of air inside the plane helps in preventing widespread contamination. Yet, it is still necessary to maintain health protocols, avoid touching, close conversation without masks, and enforce all safety protocols inside the plane. 

Get vaccinated

The final safety precaution you can take before your travel is getting vaccinated. Recent studies based on the performance of the vaccines since its release showed positive results in creating a level of immunity to Covid-19. In some countries, if you are fully vaccinated, you are allowed not to wear a mask. However, being safe is still better than being sorry, and wearing a mask will help you get the protection you need during your holiday travels. 

Travel is one of the leisures of life, and despite the restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people will continue to explore the world and enjoy it to the fullest. The pandemic limits the movement of people, but it doesn’t prevent people from seeing places. You only need to understand how to cope in our current environment and become a new normal traveller. 

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