Things to Remember When Visiting Australia

Australia is a large country and a popular travel destination for good reason: there are plenty of amazing things to see and do in this beautiful country! Its culture is predominantly Western, with roots in Britain, although it has been impacted by the country’s unique topography as well as the cultural contributions of AboriginalsTorres Strait Islanders, and other Australians.

If you’re thinking of visiting Australia, there are a few things you should remember. Although Australia is a relatively safe country to visit, there are still some dangers you need to be aware of. For example, certain areas can be quite dangerous for foreigners, so it’s important to do your research before deciding where to go. Keep in mind also that Australia is a huge country, and getting around can be quite expensive. Make sure you have enough money saved up before embarking on your journey! Finally, don’t forget to enjoy everything Australia has to offer, from its beautiful beaches to its amazing wildlife!

In this article, we are going to list some of the things you should remember when you are planning a vacation or travelling to this beautiful country. We can also tell you what you need to do in some specific situations and give you some travel tips to avoid “culture shock.”

Learn the native tongue

First on our list is, of course, the language. This is the way of communication, which is why it is important to be familiar with it. Although Australians speak English, they have their own slang words that heavily influence their conversational English. You can find yourself in the unusual predicament of speaking the language but not understanding what they’re saying.

To help you out, here are some examples of words and their meanings. When they say “thongs”, it means “flip flops”. If you hear the word “togs” or “swimmers” or even “bathers”, they want to say it is a “bathing suit”. If someone is asking for “tomato sauce,” they are really asking for “ketchup.” If someone is asking you to “chuck a U-ey,” he/she is really asking you to “take a U-turn.” If someone asks you, “Would you want to join us for tea?”, what they truly mean is “Would you like to come to dinner with us?” Remember all of these and you will be on the right track, but of course, if you really don’t understand some words or terms they said, don’t be afraid to ask questions; most Australians will gladly interpret for you, and you’ll be fluent in no time.

Learn about their money

Of course, when you are traveling in a different country or elsewhere, you need money, but as you may know, the currency is different in each country, and Australia is no different from that.

Learn about their money
The Banknotes of Australia from $5 to $100.

Although they are using ‘dollar’ for their money, it is not the same amount as the US Dollar. Their banknotes are colourful and plastic, and the denominations are available in $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100, which increase in size as the value rises. Also, because everything is rounded to the nearest five cents, (there are no pennies here), the smallest change available is five cents.

Strict borders

Like in all other territories, implementing a high-security protocol is just normal. Here are some things you should remember when entering the Australian border. Fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, plants, seeds, feathers, skins, medications (which must be declared in writing by your doctor), and obvious items like weapons, protected wildlife, and firearms are all prohibited. So, before you pack, consider your options.


In Australia, triple zero (000) is an important number to remember. If you find yourself in an emergency situation this number will help you. Just dial 000 for emergency assistance. Depending on the nature of the emergency and the severity of the problem, you’ll be directed to the police, fire, or ambulance services. They’ll walk you through the steps and assist you over the phone if needed. Although you are unlikely to require this knowledge, it is useful to know.

Vehicles travel on the left side

Driving is quite frequent in Australia because public transportation isn’t always the best, depending on which city you’re in. So, when driving, remember to stick to the left—it’s simple if you’re from the UK. Also, check right before crossing the street if you’re out walking. Alternatively, if you want to be extra cautious, check both ways multiple times before crossing—which is something you should be doing anyway.

Australia is a massive country

Yes, Australia is that big. You may think you could hop on a quick flight from one side of the country to another, but in reality, the flight from Brisbane to Perth takes over five hours and the drive would take three days.

It’s not an easy feat for a quick weekend getaway, but if you have enough time, there is plenty that can be done in each state or territory, as well as in neighbouring islands, which also have their own set of attractions. So don’t feel pressured by our massive-sized map below; instead, use your journey schedules wisely while travelling throughout Australia. Australia is a vast country and you can always come back another year and take your time exploring each new place or state that you visit!

Australia is a massive country
The map of Australia, is not just a country it is a continent.

Prepare to disconnect

The internet is a valuable tool for staying connected in today’s fast-paced world. The internet in some parts of Australia can be slow and expensive, which would come as a shock to those of us who are accustomed to instant access. If you really must stay connected, the best and cheapest solution is to purchase a portable hotspot. They’re a good purchase not only because they keep you connected when you’re on the go, but also because some of them can double as a phone charger.

You won’t see wildlife everywhere

It’s unreasonable to expect to see kangaroos and koalas roaming the streets; as towns grow, wildlife has moved inland, and it’s best to visit a wildlife park to witness these local species.

You won’t see wildlife everywhere

While we’re on the subject of animals, keep in mind that not everything you see is harmful, and even if you do come across anything more dangerous, it’s unlikely that it would harm you. Although Australia has a lovely natural habitat full of gorgeous (and frequently unique) critters, many of which can be extremely hazardous, this country is not a death trap, and you will be fine.

You can see this Koala in some wildlife protected area and they’re not just roaming around.

Summer in Australia is unique

Australia is a land full of surprises. With each Australian city providing its own type of summer, you’ll find yourself wearing plenty more sunblock than usual just to stay safe! The summers in Perth can be very dry and hot, while those living on Brisbane‘s coast will experience humid conditions that make it feel like your clothes are weights themselves, draining all moisture from your body heat as soon as they come into contact with your skin. This is not fun when this happens during work hours. But don’t worry, there exist other places across Australia where winters last all year-long and springs appear every five minutes, so no matter what time zone or climate preference suits best for an individual person (or animal), chances reside in ample opportunity to have something edible available 24/7.

Respect is a must

As a visitor, you will be expected to show some respect in the country that you are traveling to. Today’s Australians have a great deal of regard for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; after all, they are the traditional owners of the land you’re on. Before specific ceremonies, meetings, and events, these respects are also expressed orally. Just remember to respect all people and cultures; there’s a lot to learn from Australia’s Aboriginal past.

Are you ready to go?

There are so many amazing things to see and do when visiting Australia! However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before making your travel plans. We can’t discuss each specific thing to remember in just one article, but the things we discuss here are the essential ones. In this article, we’ve listed some of the most important things to remember when planning a trip down under. We hope you find this information helpful. Are you ready to go now? You can check out some travel tips and accommodation in Australia here on our website.

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