Travelling with Pet-Friendly Accommodations in Australia

Heading off on a trip around Australia but can’t stand the thought of leaving your pets behind? You’re not alone. Finding spots that roll out the welcome mat for both you and your furry companions can feel like a bit of a mission.

But, good news! Australia’s chockers have pet-friendly digs, from beachside havens to cosy mountain retreats. This guide’s here to take the hassle out of searching, pointing you towards some top-notch places where your pets are not just allowed but celebrated.

Ready to pack the lead and hit the road for some fair dinkum adventures together?

Key Takeaways

  • Australia offers a wide choice of pet-friendly accommodations, including luxury hotels and cosy retreats, in various states to ensure you and your pets have comfortable stays while exploring.
  • Remember to check out pet-friendly activities across the country, like dog-friendly beaches, parks, wineries, and hiking trails, to make your trip with your furry companion memorable.
  • Packing essentials for your pet’s needs during travel, such as food, water, and medications, and ensuring they have proper identification, can help keep them safe and comfortable.
  • Be mindful of the weather at your destination, pack suitable gear for your pet’s comfort, and always follow the rules in public places by cleaning up after your pet.
  • Listing properties on platforms like Holidaying with Dogs is straightforward; provide detailed descriptions of the accommodation’s pet policies along with high-quality images showcasing its facilities for pets.


The Importance of Choosing Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Moving on from the basics of pet-inclusive travel, let’s dive into why selecting pet-friendly accommodations matters so much. We understand the bond between you and your furry friends is inseparable, which is why finding places that welcome them as warmly as they do you becomes essential on any trip.

Opting for pet-friendly lodging ensures a stress-free experience not just for pets but also for their owners. It sets a positive tone for the entire holiday, making it more enjoyable and memorable.

Choosing accommodations that cater to your pets’ needs means they won’t have to adjust too much to unfamiliar surroundings. Pet-welcoming hotels and rentals often provide special amenities like beds, food bowls, and sometimes even a welcome treat! This attention to detail can significantly reduce anxiety levels in animals and help them settle in quickly.

Moreover, staying at pet-accommodating lodgings allows us to explore our destination without constantly worrying about our animal companions’ well-being back home or at a boarding facility far away from where we are staying.

Top Pet-Friendly Accommodations in Australia

Discover top pet-friendly accommodations in Australia, including luxury hotels, boutique lodges, and coastal retreats that welcome furry companions. These accommodations offer not just a place to stay but also enriching experiences for pets and their owners alike.

New South Wales: Four Seasons Sydney, The Langham Sydney, Pier One, InterContinental Double Bay, Bannisters Mollymook and Port Stephens, Spicers Sangoma Retreat

Discover pet-friendly accommodations in New South Wales, including Four Seasons Sydney, The Langham Sydney, Pier One, InterContinental Double Bay, Bannisters Mollymook, and Port Stephens, as well as Spicers Sangoma Retreat.

These accommodations offer a warm welcome to furry friends and are located in stunning areas that provide ample space for enjoyable walks with your pets.

With luxurious amenities and gorgeous views, these pet-friendly options ensure that both you and your pets have a comfortable stay. From exploring the vibrant city of Sydney to enjoying the tranquil beaches of Port Stephens or Mollymook, these accommodations make it easy for you to create lasting memories with your four-legged companions.

Victoria: Zagame’s House Melbourne, Mount Sturgeon Cottages Dunkeld

When travelling to Victoria with pets, consider Zagame’s House Melbourne and Mount Sturgeon Cottages Dunkeld for a comfortable stay. These pet-friendly accommodations offer a welcoming environment for both you and your furry companions.

At Zagame’s House Melbourne, indulge in luxury while your pets enjoy special amenities designed just for them. Meanwhile, Mount Sturgeon Cottages in Dunkeld provides a tranquil retreat amidst natural beauty, allowing you to explore the picturesque surroundings with your four-legged friends by your side.

Queensland: Ovolo The Valley Brisbane, Crystalbrook Bailey Cairns, Quest Robina Gold Coast

If you travel with pets to Queensland, consider Ovolo The Valley Brisbane, Crystalbrook Bailey Cairns, and Quest Robina Gold Coast. Each of these accommodations offers pet-friendly options for tourists or travellers exploring the beautiful locations in Australia.

Enjoy a pet-inclusive stay at these lodgings while experiencing the best of Queensland.

With Ovolo The Valley Brisbane, Crystalbrook Bailey Cairns, and Quest Robina Gold Coast, you can make your trip to Queensland unforgettable by bringing along your furry companions without compromising on comfort or convenience during your vacation.

South Australia: Hilton Adelaide, Mayfair Hotel Adelaide

South Australia offers pet-friendly accommodations at the Hilton Adelaide and Mayfair Hotel Adelaide. Both hotels provide comfortable stays for pets, with amenities such as designated pet-friendly rooms, pet-sitting services, and access to nearby dog parks or walking trails.

The Hilton Adelaide also features a pet concierge to assist with any special arrangements for furry companions, ensuring a pleasant stay for both you and your pet.

For those looking for a luxurious experience, the Mayfair Hotel Adelaide provides excellent service and facilities to accommodate pets. With dedicated staff who understand the importance of providing a welcoming environment for guests travelling with their furry friends, these accommodations in South Australia are ideal for travellers seeking top-notch hospitality that extends to their beloved pets.

Western Australia: QT Perth

QT Perth is a pet-friendly luxury hotel located in the heart of Western Australia. The hotel offers stylish and comfortable accommodations for both pets and their owners, making it an ideal choice for travellers seeking a pet-inclusive stay.

With its central location, QT Perth provides easy access to nearby parks and pet-friendly attractions, ensuring that your furry companion can also enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.

The hotel’s pet policies are designed to cater to the needs of pets and their owners, providing a seamless experience for those travelling with animals.

The facilities at QT Perth are equipped to ensure a comfortable stay for both guests and their pets. From spacious rooms to attentive staff, this accommodation option prioritises the well-being of all visitors, including those with four legs.

Australian Capital Territory: Mercure Hotel Canberra

When exploring pet-friendly accommodations in Australia, the Mercure Hotel Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory stands out as a welcoming option for travellers with pets. The hotel offers comfortable and pet-inclusive stays, making it an ideal choice for tourists travelling with their furry companions.

With its convenient location and a range of amenities, including pet-friendly facilities, Mercure Hotel Canberra provides a hassle-free experience for those seeking accommodation that caters to their pets’ needs.

With its commitment to providing pet-accommodating lodgings, Mercure Hotel Canberra ensures that both you and your four-legged friend can enjoy a relaxing stay while exploring all that the Australian Capital Territory has to offer.


Other Considerations for Travelling with Pets

When travelling with pets, consider exploring pet-friendly activities and attractions across Australia. Experience hassle-free travel with your furry companions by following our helpful tips for a stress-free journey.

For more details on travelling with pets, keep reading!

Pet-friendly activities and attractions in Australia

When visiting Australia with your pets, you’ll find a variety of pet-friendly activities and attractions to enjoy together. Here are some highlights:

  • Explore the stunning dog-friendly beaches along the coast, such as Golden Beach in Victoria and Noosa North Shore in Queensland.
  • Take a stroll through the pet-welcoming parks and gardens, including the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne and Kings Park in Perth.
  • Visit pet-inclusive wineries and vineyards that welcome furry companions, like Yering Station in Victoria and Sirromet Winery in Queensland.
  • Embark on pet-friendly hiking adventures along scenic trails such as the Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales and the Mount Lofty Summit Trail in South Australia.
  • Discover animal-friendly attractions, including wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, and aquariums, offering enriching experiences for both pets and their owners.

Tips for travelling with pets

When planning to travel with pets, it is important to ensure their safety and comfort. Here are some tips for travelling with pets in Australia:

  1. Research pet-friendly accommodations in advance to ensure a comfortable stay for both you and your pet.
  2. Pack enough food, water, and any necessary medications for your pet while on the road.
  3. Ensure your pet has proper identification, such as a collar with an updated tag or a microchip.
  4. Keep your pet secure during travel by using a crate or harness designed for car travel.
  5. Take frequent breaks during long drives to allow your pet to stretch their legs and relieve themselves.
  6. Familiarise yourself with local veterinary clinics along your route in case of emergencies.
  7. Be mindful of the weather conditions at your destination and pack appropriate gear for your pet’s comfort.
  8. Respect the rules and regulations of public places when bringing your pet along, and always clean up after them.
  9. Consider your pet’s temperament and whether they will be comfortable in new environments before planning activities or outings.
  10. Plan for any activities or attractions that are specifically pet-friendly and include them in your itinerary.

How to List Your Property on Holidays with Dogs

To list your property on Holidaying with Dogs, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Holidaying with Dogs website and navigate to the “List Your Property” section.
  2. Fill out the required information about your pet-friendly accommodation, including details about pet policies, amenities for pets, and any additional fees.
  3. Upload high-quality images of your property, showcasing the pet-friendly facilities and surroundings that will appeal to pet owners.
  4. Provide accurate and detailed descriptions of your accommodation, highlighting its pet-friendly features and any nearby pet-friendly attractions or activities.
  5. Keep your listing updated with availability calendars and promptly respond to enquiries from potential guests travelling with pets.

Travel with Pet-Friendly Accommodations

When travelling with pets, it’s essential to choose pet-friendly accommodations that cater to their needs and provide a comfortable stay. The top pet-friendly accommodations in Australia offer a range of options across different states, ensuring that you and your furry friend can enjoy your travels together.

Remember to consider other aspects, such as pet-friendly activities and attractions, as well as helpful tips for smooth travel with pets. Listing your property on platforms like Holidaying with Dogs can also open up opportunities for pet owners looking for suitable accommodations.

Ultimately, finding the right pet-friendly lodging can make your trip an enjoyable experience for both you and your beloved companion.

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