Gold Coast

  Queensland’s fabulous Gold Coast is, arguably, Australia’s premier holiday region. With a wonderful year-round climate, beautiful beaches, and brilliant nightlife, this is the holiday destination of choice for a vast number of Aussies, us included. We arrived at the Radisson Palm Meadows Resort ([star][star][star][star]) on a Saturday in late May. Only a few days […]

Town of 1770

On May 24, 1770, Lieutenant James Cook R.N. and the crew of HM Bark Endeavour set foot on Australian soil, for the second time. The Town of Seventeen Seventy in Queensland is built on the site of that landing. Originally known as Round Hill, the name was changed in 1970 to commemorate the bicentennial of […]

Sunshine Coast

Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast lies approximately 100 kilometres (60 miles) north of Brisbane, stretching along the coast from Caloundra in the south to Rainbow Beach in the north, and out through the hinterland, but with its laidback lifestyle it is truly a world away from the hectic pace of today’s city life.  Our visit to […]

St George

St George. In spite of its name, and its association with fire-breathing monsters, there was not a dragon in sight on either of our visits here, although I did hear the odd dubious remark around our campsite from time to time! The town actually got its name when the explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell crossed the […]


Roma, Capital of the Western Downs, as the publicity goes, is the centre of Queensland’s oil and gas exploration. It is also the service centre for much of western Queensland and although it is a modern country town it does boast some impressive heritage buildings, includ­ing the Roma Court House, opened in 1901. The original […]


Richmond, the fossil capital of Australia. Known as the “Oasis in the Outback, the township boasts outstanding gardens filled with bougainvilleas,native trees, and shrubs, the man-made Lake Fred Tritton, and the award-winning Kronosaurus Korner Fossil Centre, one of the star attractions on Australia’s Dinosaur Trail. The whole area was once an inland sea and some […]

Rainbow Beach

Isn’t it strange how a spur-of-the-moment decision can change everything. Rainbow Beach was not in the plan at all. We had intended to stay somewhere else but that fell through and then a signpost on the side of the road changed our whole trip. It might be off the main highway but what an astoundingly […]

Queen Mary Falls

Summer. It’s hot, the beaches are crowded, the traffic horrendous. And the humidity is a killer. We wanted to go away for a break but really did not want to face the heat and the crowds. When John suggested Queen Mary Falls my first thought was “where?” 209 kilometres (130 miles) southwest of Brisbane, on […]


John has a list of places he absolutely has to see and number 4 on that list is the town of Noccundra in Outback Queensland. It’s a tiny little spot on the map that could be mistaken for a dirty mark on the paper. But he was determined that we were going there and, as […]


It’s flat, pretty bare country coming into Longreach. It’s so lonely a stretch of road that I wondered what it would be like driving along here at night. The word “dark” wouldn’t come close to describing it and the only light would be the brilliance of the stars overhead. Would we be able to see […]


Karumba, on the Gulf of Carpentaria, is one of those places that anyone with a yen for fishing just has to visit. It’s a long way from anywhere but I’m reliably told (by my other half)) that it’s worth it. The Burke Developmental Road, also known as the Matilda Highway, is a long, lonely stretch […]


100 million years ago the Hughenden region was part of a great prehistoric inland sea. The giant Muttaburrasaurus roamed the shore and the skies were ruled by mighty Pterosaurs. Today, Hughenden embraces the spirit of the outback like no other place and there’s not a dinosaur in sight. Well, not a real one, anyway. We […]


Mention Cunnamulla and you automatically think of the Outback. Hundreds of kilometres of red dust and clear blue skies that stretch forever belie the thriving township that survives out here in this vast hot land. Situated in the mulga belt of South-West Queensland, the region supports the mulga tree, one of the acacia family, and […]


  Known as the “Friendly Heart of the Great North West, Cloncurry is an area rich in minerals and history. Sitting on the crossroads of the Matilda Highway and the Overlander Way, its main indus­tries are copper and gold mining and cattle. Our visit here was only going to be a brief one, just one […]


  The Warrego Highway to Charleville is a dead straight, fairly monotonous road and no speed limit as far as we knew. We learned early to get out of the way of those roadtrain-cattle trucks that came thundering along; I started to believe that some of those truck drivers were frustrated fighter pilots! Charleville is […]


  Camooweal, a stone’s throw from the Northern Territory border, is as far west as you can go in Queensland and still be in Queensland. We set off along the Barkly Highway one morning to visit this interesting outback town. Along the Barkly Highway The Barkly Highway stretches from Threeways Roadhouse, north of Tennant Creek in […]